Yes!!! My blog has been running for a year

If you are a new visitor welcome to my Scottish Football blog and enjoyed my posts.My blog has now been running for one year and thank you everyone for your support.

This year has had lots of highs with the Scottish Highland league awards being a big successful with 957 views and many people getting involved in that.The idea to start-up this blog was to promote Highland league football and other small clubs.

While twitter I have a reached 382 followers which includes many other blogs who have support me so much such as Scottish Soccer,Beware Flying football, Football every day and pink. Along with follows from footballers and the Scottish Highland Football League channel who I would recommend to check out.

I have even had my posts retweeted by Richard Gordon and Spl football players like Aberdeen’s Adam Rooney. I have spoken to some very nice and helpful people through this.It will be worth if you click the follow button to keep up to date with my blog. I hope to form a bigger audience from across the world and like us on Facebook.

The Scottish Fitba Base has 14 followers on the blog and one email subscriber. Let’s us extend it more and more people. The base has had 3,276 views in my first year. Wow it feels amazing to see that some much people have viewed my site. Hope its an even better year for the blog.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post. I hope you’ll explore the site. I send out a newsletter each week which includes exclusive content about the Highland League, you will be told first about any additions to the blog, also competitions are exclusive for the subscribers which are coming soon. There’s only one way to get all these great things which is by email subscribing to my blog.

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