Macleod hopes Deveronvale’s progress represents a winning chessboard

With your manager Charles Charlesworth resigning, perhaps Deveronvale’s month of September couldn’t get any worse.

But it did create a domino effect which resulted in the Vale getting eliminated 4-0 by their bitter Banffshire rivals Buckie Thistle on an embarrassing Wednesday night. Boos rang around the ground which pretty much summed up the fan’s opinions of the team. They fell to pieces like a badly structured jumbo tower.

The cry of help was thankfully heard by Ally Macleod whose appointment in early October brought a glimpse of hope which they needed. Depending on your view his appointment may have been a major gamble or the right man for the job which I agree with. He was the assistant manager for Nairn County early this year but had to leave due to undergoing a bone marrow transplant as treatment for leukaemia.

His reign almost started in unbelievable fashion But Stuart Anderson who has Vale in his blood as his dad Billy played for them delivered the sucker punch at the death to rescue a point for Formartine today. Right now he will be feeling hard done by the result but it’s still an excellent start for him. Hopeful the Vale faithful stay loyal to the club. Another issue is his key players could leave.

While discussing his appointment with a friend who is a Vale fan. He said “Macleod is going to take us places and make us play better football” Which summed up one view from the stands. Their progress may represent a winning chess board very soon with Macleod wanting to put his opposition in check and take out their major pieces.

Will Macleod make the right move to improve the Banff side. This was a super appointment for Deveronvale. With questions still pondering, will Vale improve and climb up the league. I think Macleod will do a excellent job.

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