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Scottish football supporters should be watching more of their local clubs outside the Scottish Premier League as they get to see value for money football and you’re not financing overpaid players who earn way too much. The atmosphere is amazing and you feel more part of the club. Ticket prices are affordable. You may even see some top footballers who go on and do a lot in the senior leagues. The game I have seen outside the Premier League has been packed with lots of quality goals. This is why I created this blog to promote the Highland League and other small football teams.

Lairg Rovers are partnered with us and play in the North West Sutherland League. Their season has been completed with them finishing in 4th place. Jamie Morrison was their top scorer. They are doing extremely well in developing talented young players who are coming through the ranks and look set to form a successful team due to them getting more experienced and stronger. They have a good support who stand outside the changing room on a platform which they call the tenants stand. If you live near their ground in a small village called Lairg in Sutherland in the Highlands why not go and watch them. Let’s help them grow their support. Instead of just not going to the Premier League due to the money to have to pay go down to your local team and give them the deserved support they need. Whether it’s in the Highland League, Lowland League or any other Scottish football league. Go and do it.

Below is links to the leagues website to find your local club and this weekend go to a match. I promise you will be hooked to the game as I am to the Highland League. Click on the league in your area to enter their website to find your new club.

Lowland League 

Highland League =   Highland League Hub

East of Scotland League  

South of Scotland League 

West region Junior leagues

North Region Junior Leagues

East Region Junior Leagues


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