Summer Football come to the Highlands

The attractive idea of Summer Football being introduced into the Highland League has been blasted back into the public eye. Many supporters, Management, Players and other folk involved in the game would welcome this idea with open arms. Who on earth wants to play or watch football in terrible conditions and be freezing their backsides off during the week in the evening or on a Saturday afternoon?

At the beginning of my interesting chat with Fort William player Martin Kerr you clearly knew he was strongly supporting the idea of Summer football. As he hadn’t kicked a ball at Claggan Park since November due to all the games being cancelled due to the condition of the pitch as it’s been heavily affected by the horrible weather. Their match tonight against Forres Mechanics was postponed which wasn’t a complete surprise and the frustration at the Fort William camp builds up even more. Is this saga of games being cancelled at Claggan Park going to continue?

Summer football could solve this major problem. It seems never-ending like the graveyard run that pupils do every year at Banff Academy the school I attend. At some point we must give it a go. However, the big blockage in the way is that there are too many traditionalists who don’t want any change made to the scheduling of the fixtures. This change can be for the greater of the game. Kerr firmly backs this cause. “It’s getting beyond a joke now”. “Summer football is the easy solution. “From my point of view you would be playing on better surfaces. Better surfaces, better conditions, better crowds. It’s a no-brainer in my opinion. Something needs to be done.” “This year has been bad across the board and every year it’s only getting worse every winter”.

There are often games which are quite boring with the dreadful long ball game having to put into use far too much as a result of the weather. If summer football is introduced the players will be obviously be playing for better surfaces and so it will be easier to do all the tricks spectators love to watch. Kerr insists that Fort William are the most affected club from the weather. “ I think we’re the worst affected club come the winter, with everyone at the club in agreement something needs to happen”.

It may attract more people to come and watch the games because when it’s terrible weather folk would rather sit down at home watching their television than going out to the football. Die hard fans shivering in the stands with massive layers on but if summer football ever put into place then there will be supporters with their shorts and t-shirts enjoying the gorgeous weather instead. Summer Football come to the Highland League, please!!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Football come to the Highlands

  1. A good post. Only trouble with the Highland League moving to summer football is that it would then be out of sync with the other Scottish football leagues. With the introduction of the ‘pyramid system’ this season, how would it work?
    I like the thought of not shivering on a cold evening or Saturday afternoon though 🙂

    Fort William are clearly the most affected by postponements, as are the teams they are due to play, most of whom have some distance to travel. Maybe something needs to be done about their pitch to reduce the occasions on which it is waterlogged! I know, that costs money and it rains a lot in the West but I’m not sure how much longer the other teams in the Highland League will put up with frequent postponements.

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