Nairn County’s Bobo testimonial year

Any player who has stayed at a club for ten years rightly deserves the recognition he gets. Nairn County’s Martin MacDonald celebrates his testimonial year with a big bang as his side faces Aberdeen on Tuesday, July 21 at 8pm in a game which will certainly be a night to remember for the defender nicknamed Bobo. MacDonald has been a key figure in the County team. MacDonald said: “I am thoroughly enjoying my time here at Nairn and its been a good club to play for.

When it comes to the main highlight of his last 10 years at the club MacDonald insists it is Nairn‘s Highland League Cup win for the first time in 47 years in 2011 over Fraserburgh is top of the pillowed of his achievements. “ Yeah winning the league cup would be the highlight for me.”

Facing an opponent like Aberdeen is special for MacDonald as the Premiership club have played very well. MacDonald said: “Yes I am delighted that Aberdeen have been announced as the opponents especially with them doing so well just now so hopefully there is a decent crowd for the game”.

Looking back at his ten years at Nairn he feels that he never knew just how long he would be at the Highland League club. “You can never tell how long you will be at a club for. I am enjoying my football and playing for the club. The supporters have been great and even have made a lot of good friends with some of them”.

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