SHFL Diary 2014/15 review

Everything you need to know about the Highland League season of 2014/15 can be found in a new book called the SHFL Diary which I was kindly given a copy of last week and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.This book is something new for Highland League supporters to read and is filled with lots of interesting stats from top scorers to unbeaten runs.


For a mere £12.00 you get a complete record of the 2014/15 Scottish Highland Football League The layout of  book has been done very well. Thanks to help from the Highland League community to gather all the stats and news they produced a book which is a worthy read.

Fans can travel back to your highs and lows of last season by diving into this book. Many supporters have been impressed with it. I would recommend you to read it when you are drinking a cup of tea and of course eating a nice fancy piece of some sort.
The bright red cover of the book stands out clearly and these stats are certainly going to be useful when I am reporting on a game. Keep up the great work SHFL Diary folk.
The SHFL Diary people thought up the idea of creating this book when they realised that there weren’t many books on the Highland League in circulation. “All the clubs have websites but there’s no historical record of the league and of scores, results and tables. So we made one! “The cover is coloured red because Brora won the league in the season the book covers. That will change every year, depending on the winners.”
I have no responsible about whatever is written in the book below and if anything is incorrect or offends you must take action by contacting the author of the SHFL Diary to resolve it, not me. Also you can follow SHFL Diary on Twitter @SHFLdiary.

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