Charlesworth disappointed and concerned at how his side have to go and score

Lossiemouth manager Charlie Charlesworth was disappointed with his side’s 2-1 defeat to Fraserburgh. But felt the Coasters could have won the game and was a bit aggrieved at some of referee Dan McFarlane’s decisions. Charlesworth was more concerned at how his side have to go and score goals.

“It is a disappointing result but I felt we could win the game. We got ourselves in front and gave away a silly free kick. All afternoon their set pieces into the box were dangerous. I feel a bit aggrieved that Fraserburgh did a good job but they were professional in the way they stopped you playing. Be it one way or the other. The referee I think didn’t pick it up well as we seemed to be getting yellow cards ourselves. “I don’t want anyone getting a yellow card but if he is going to give us yellow cards for trivia at least give Fraserburgh as well or don’t give us any.

Regarding the questionable lead up to the winner by Willie West for the Broch. He said: ” My players are complaining especially Mini ( keeper Darren McConnachie) that the ball was over the line for goal kick but they got a corner for it which set up the goal. “I can’t really comment as I didn’t properly see it.

“My biggest concern is we are competing with teams. Fine margins have been cut and we are at the wrong side of these margins. Honestly I am really concerned at how we are not creating the opportunities on front of goal that our forward play should.

“Defending a bit too much and I have spent so long on our defending side of the squad. Now it’s not fair on our defense that we are not doing the business up top. “With the pace we have and ability we should be opening up teams more than we are doing”. It’s more the lead up before the creation of the opportunity. I will never question their effort. Looking very frustrated.

When Scott Miller was brought inside the box Charlesworth feels that they should have been awarded a penalty. Along with calling for fair standard of referring. “Miller you see stud marks down his leg from when he was taken down in the box. Nothing was given”. I just want a standard that is for both teams and look at the professional side of teams with more seniority.

Charlesworth praised Miller for scoring a brilliant wonder goal from 25 yards. “Great goal and am delighted for Scotty. I was asking him to just move a bit more on the right as you probably heard. But he just pumped it from 25 yards. “We are going to be back and I will live or die from my words.”

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