Charlesworth frustrated and calls for fairer refereeing

Lossiemouth manager Charlie Charlesworth was frustrated as his side were beaten 5-1 by a convincing Nairn County. Again he calls for fairer refereeing and insists that too much decisions are going against the Coasters.

“Another negative result and gave away two really soft goals. Got straight back into with a well worked goal and a great finish from Ross. They have quality like Conor , Duncanson and one or two others.

Too much defending to do generally.Our collectible play at the moment isn’t right and thought there was some good individual performances.  “We need to make sure we are competing with them.

We are defending in too much numbers when we didn’t need to and didn’t get forward enough to help our two strikers.

“I still think I have a little bit of issue with referees and he refereed it ok. Maybe I am being biased I am just seeing far too many decisions being made for the team who maybe better off rather for the one isn’t. I am just wanting referees to have a look at that.

“Mo has put in a few tackles and three times he does it with him not getting a yellow. We do it once and our player gets a yellow card.  Overall we have some work to do and players are coming back from injury.

“I can’t get a settled team just now and not sure whats our best team is. But we will keep on working hard.”

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