Royce Clark steps down as Lossiemouth Chairman

On Wednesday Lossiemouth secretary Alan Mack released a statement to reveal that chairman Royce Clark had stepped down from his role due to work commitments after being at the Coasters for five years.

Mack said: ” The club thank Royce for his commitment and leadership over the last 5 years and Grampian Furnishers for their continued financial support of the club.”

Clark looks back on his highlights during his reign at the club. Clark moves on as his business Grampian Furnishers has grown a great deal over the past few years and haven’t allowed him enough time for the football.

Clark said: “Mainly work commitments is the reason for stepping down as our business has grown significantly in the last 2 years, our new store project has taken up more of my time and will continue to do so as things progress.

When it comes to highlights for Clark it is getting Charlie Charlesworth back into the hotseat at Grant Park and youth players coming through the ranks.

Clark said: ” My highlights are getting the youth set up in place and seeing players come through to the first team, getting Charlie back was probably my biggest achievement which has helped turn the club around.

There has been a lot of great players at the club but in the eyes of former chairman Martin McMullen was the best player he has ever seen play for the Coasters and Clark paid tribute to him.

He added: “In my time as chairman Martin McMullen was the best I have seen and he was 100% Lossie. He stayed with the club for 10 years when he could have walked into any team.

“A real legend at the club and losing him was a massive blow.” However some of the younger players coming through like Scott Miller and Ryan Farquhar are talented players who we are lucky to have at the club.”

Now Lossiemouth are on the lookout for a new chairman, several committee members and sponsors.

Who do you think will take over from Royce Clark? Comment below with your thoughts.

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