Your engagement is oxygen: I’m writing a book

It’s hard work…

Patience is someone you need to have when running a blog.

Near the end of year one I considered quitting the blog.

But all your engagement and sharing acted as oxygen which was the only thing that prevented me from quitting!

That probably sounded weird!

But I will explain it..

It’s when you pump out free content all the time.

Your comments make me continue to create great content..

I’m grateful for all the feedback I receive on a daily basis..

I’ve got an exciting announcement!

What is it?

I’m writing a book about how different people got passionate about the Highland League!

Send your story to!

So 2017 is going to be amazing! I promise.

The first prediction table champion will be announced!

We are on snapchat!

I am bringing live content for you when I’m at a match through facebook live.

There is plenty to look forward to.

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