Exclusive: Yoogali gaffer Luke Santolin praises Bailey

Yoogali Soccer Club manager Luke Santolin praised Darren Bailey for his impact since joining from Highland League side Lossiemouth last year.

An agreement was made between the both clubs and the SFA in 2015 that Bailey would be released from his contract and if he returned to Scotland that he would resign for Lossiemouth and see out the remainder of my contract. Scottish Fitba Base exclusively revealed in May 2015 that Bailey had went down under and interviewed him about the move. 


Santolin said: “Darren is doing brilliantly and has fitted in seamlessly both in life and football. “He is one of the most committed and passionate players in the squad. He is super fit and incredibly versatile as he is able to play a number of positions at a high standard.”

Bailey has become a leader in the Yoogali squad like he was at Lossiemouth. He also has been granted a visa which means he is staying in Australia for another year.

Santolin said: “Currently he is playing as a wingback on the left side and handles both defensive and attacking duties without too much. He is quickly becoming a leader in this team.

Santolin revealed that Scottish player Sean Bremmer who most recently played for Maud FC signed for the club. “He has fitted straight into the team and has caused lots of problems for the opposition’s defenders. Sean is currently playing as a winger/striker.”

To check out how he is doing click here: https://seanmcangusfootballblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/exclusive-interview-bailey-is-enjoying-life-down-under

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