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About The Website

The Scottish Fitba Base was founded in 2014 to produce a space for in-depth discussion and analysis of the Scottish Highland Football League. With the league not getting the coverage it deserves. I decided to set up this blog after developing a sudden passion for the league.

Exclusive stories can be found on this site. As well as detailed news, opinion and interview pieces about Highland League.

Contributors: Photographers Donald Cameron and Brian Battensby.

Who am I?

My name is Sean McAngus

I used to have no clue what I was going to do with my life ,then writing became a passion of mine due to me reading the back pages of newspapers every single day.

Writing has given many opportunities such as paid freelance work for major newspapers such as the Scottish Sun, Sunday Mail and Sunday Post. As well as interviewing footballers and managers on camera for the Scottish Highland Football League TV (SHFLTV) run by Ross Maclean.

I never thought the blog would be this popular! Some question me on how I manage to balance the blog and other commitments. I always say that you have plenty of hours in the day to study and blog. Too much people waste hours on playing games and pointless things. You have to put in the work to make your passion happen.

 “Sean is an incredibly enthusiastic sports reporter and has coped really well with the challenges of interviewing players and managers from teams throughout the Highland League. He has a polite yet firm approach to his interviews and has performed with ease in front of the cameras and does not shirk nor avoid issues needing addressed.”  Executive Producer of Scottish Highland Football League TV Channel , Ross J MacLean.

“Sean is an excellent sports reporter and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject he reports on.I would recommend Sean to anyone that is looking for a reporter to cover any story that needs to be covered in this area.” said Photographer Brian Battensby

Email us ScottishFitbaBase@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.





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