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Hello, I am looking for sponsors for my Highland League blog called the Scottish Fitba Base.Since 2013 I  have produced free Highland League content from match reports to exclusive interviews.

My blog’s average daily views are 300.  I have 223 facebook likes, 2,214 twitter followers and 10 snapchat followers.

Sponsorship packages:

  • Facebook: £60 per month . This package includes your business being mentioned every time I post on the page as well as getting shoutouts weekly to a very engaging audience.
  • Twitter: £40 per month. This package includes weekly shoutouts as well as you getting mentioned on every tweet.
  • Website: £30 per month. This package includes an ad on the side of the site. As well as a link going to your website on every blog post I write.
  • Prediction table: £40 per month Every season I hold a prediction table where people predict the scores of all the Highland League games. Which will include your logo on every table and links to your website.
  • Highland League fan’s Digest newsletter: £30 per month. Your logo will be on one newsletter per month and there will be links to your social channels as well as your website
  • This is a great opportunity to be involved with a  blog wanting to improve coverage of the Highland League and has a global audience. If interested please contact myself .

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